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We are no longer collecting funds for the stretch goals. Thank you very much for your faith and support! You can still get rewards through the Backer Portal—and any funds we collect this way will still go into the game, improving its overall quality rather than adding new features. (Otherwise the scope of the game could have kept growing endlessly.)

Pathologic is a plot-driven survival open world adventure game for PC (Windows / MAC / Linux), PS4 and Xbox One

In an old settlement on the steppe, attempt to survive, investigate and cure a mysterious disease. Immerse yourself in a cast of fascinating characters. Care for the sick while solving the riddle of what's killing them. But in the decaying world of Pathologic, staying alive for long enough might be the biggest challenge of all...

The retranslated HD version of the original Pathologic is available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. The new Pathologic will differ from it in a number of ways, so you're unlikely to spoil the remake by playing the original; trying the old game, however, is a decent way to get to know the general gist of the Pathologic experience.


What Pathologic Feels Like

In this genre-defying nightmare from Ice-Pick Lodge, you’ll spend 12 days in a town that’s being crippled by an unfathomable disease - one that defies all medical logic and confounds those who try to resolve it. As a healer sent to find a cure, you’ll also need to navigate the town’s unusual culture and traditions, deal with its ruthless economy, and negotiate with the conflicting families that govern this isolated population.

Will you give to the needy or hoard resources for yourself? Will you take one life to save a thousand? Who can you trust? How can you stop the strange plague’s merciless spread across this once quiet settlement?

Pathologic mixes roleplaying, adventure and survival mechanics to tell its dark and dreamlike story. You have twelve days. The people of the town are depending on you.


  • Fight the disease

    Fight the disease.  Do you think doctors are only there to ease the pain? What if it means you have to cut out someone’s heart in order to produce the medicine? Your instruments are crude, and you’ll have to fight the Plague on many levels. Searching for its roots to help the town is your main goal, but the Plague is also right here, in the streets, in your own body. It’s great to finish a quest and come one step closer to your goal, but it won’t matter if you’re dying.

    The epidemic is realistically simulated

    The epidemic is realistically simulated,  which means that it’ll unfold in real time, affecting both the gameplay mechanics and the plot. Do you need to cut corners in a hurry, or perhaps you’re looking for a butcher? Tough luck—if the district you need is infected, it’ll become a danger zone. Shops’ll close, houses’ll lock down, and the air itself’ll become poisonous. But you may not have another option.

  • Survival

    Survival.  You’ll find no zombies here—it’s the real deal. Hunger, thirst, fatigue, immune resistance, and reputation are all gameplay mechanics, but you’ll also find out that sometimes your affection towards certain characters or your weariness can’t be expressed in numbers. Your enemy is relentless and heartless. Ask yourself: does survival only mean the preservation of your body?

    Scavenge, gather, trade

    Scavenge, gather, trade.  You’ll always be hard pressed for resources, money not excluded. But money can’t save your life—you can’t eat it, you can’t heal with it, and you may find out money is worthless. So you’ll barter with townsfolk, and that’ll keep you afloat… if you’re fine with taking bullets from kids and trading your only gun for a loaf of bread.

  • Fights

    Fights  are both simple and hard. You’ll find threats here and there: the bandits at night, the marauders, the sick insane with pain, and simply those who don’t like you. Pathologic is not a shooter—it doesn’t take many bullets to kill someone. But you may only have one left, or your gun may misfire, or perhaps you simply won’t like killing innocent victims. Running or hiding is generally preferable, but you can’t run forever.


    Explore  both the town and the characters. In Pathologic nothing is accidental—every place and every person has a story to tell. You are free to go anywhere making your own story, but remember that no one and nothing will wait for you.

  • The town is living

    The town is living  and breathing. The weather and the time of day is not the only thing that keeps changing: the prices rise and fall depending on the situation, and various events happen in the streets—everything realized in full immersive 3D. People will die, meet one another, perform rituals, and generally live. Sometimes you’ll be there to intervene. Sometimes you won’t.


    Time  is always running, and for the most part it’s running out. There are so many things to do in the Town… which means you’ll have to choose. You can still pause the game and save whenever you want if needed, but while playing you’ll have to remember to manage the most precious of resources—the one you can’t buy or barter for.

  • Three playable characters with different storylines

    Three playable characters with different storylines.  Pathologic isn’t your generic “choose the race and get called differently” game. The Bachelor’s, The Haruspex’s and the Chagelling’s storylines contain different quests and events. Each of them will lead you to an answer—but you’ll also find out that it’s just the fraction of the whole truth, a single person’s perspective.

    Choices matter

    Choices matter.  Once again, it works on many levels. Do you finish a sidequest risking to die tomorrow, or do you let it go? Whom do you save, a man of noble intentions that have backfired or his less-than-honorable father who is innocent in this particular case? Do you try to keep your cool, or do your emotions get the best of you?

  • Pathologic is a big game

    Pathologic is a big game.  The full walkthrough with three characters will take you up to 72 hours. And it’s not grinding: each in-game day you’ll face new quests, new events, new plotlines, and new circumstances.

The uniqueness of Pathologic lies in the ideas that fill its fabric, not in its genre or setting (though we like to think that they’re pretty unusual too). We don’t want to make another game that lies to you that in order to save the world you just need to kill the bad guy. It’s not that simple. Never that simple.

We don’t shy away from making a game challenging in every aspect—from scavenging and fighting to facing tough questions with no right answer. The Town is there for you. Just go for it. The only crime is inaction.

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