November 22.2011


A Polish translation of Pathologic is now available, thanks to enourmous efforts of Jakub Derdziak!

Dzięki ogromnemu nakładowi pracy Jakuba Derdziaka patch polonizujący grę Pathologic jest już dostępny pod

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February 14

In 2005 the game "Pathologic" in Russia is:

  • The Best Game of the Year. "The Best Computer Games" magazine.
  • Top Three together with HL2 and GTA:San Andreas for three months long www.igromania.ru.
November 20


English version of the game is complete.

September 07

Frogster and Buka announce a deal

Frogster Interactive Pictures licensed Pathologic. Licensed territory Germany, Austria and German speaking part of Switzerland.

May 31

The Pathologic game has been released in Russia

The game will be available in Russia 09.06.05.

April 30

Files update

Pathologic wallpapers

April 29

From 1st to 3rd of April we were at KRI.

Have you ever heard about KRI?

It stands for The Russian Conference of Game Developers. But even Russians do not always understand the abbreviation.

We presented there our last and actually the first project “Pathologic”. By the way if you are reading the text it means that you are at the website of this game. The project, for those who do not know yet, is about a pandemic of the disease identified by our studio as Febris sabulosa.
That is not the main idea of the game that is not the most interesting feature of it, but that is the situation the main character is placed at.

That is why we decided to create a medical indeed, a little bit darker atmosphere at our booth. We brought a lot of medical equipment, we hired an actor, who had to act as a doctor, well-known professor in the middle of nowhere chair of the State medical college Innokentiy Savvovich Pestitskiy, PhD.

At the opening of the first day the situation went out of our control. Strange developers had not caught our idea and believed that they could get medical care free of charge at our booth.

Probably the problem with free medical insurance made itself felt or perhaps developers in Russia do not normally have time to visit a doctor and they decided to combine business with pleasure.

However just two hours after the opening of the exhibition we faced the problem of lack of medicines and shortage of medical skills. It led us to the decision to buy some vitamins, simple innocuous medicines and to start treating people.

They were happy! They found themselves lucky of the results. That was our considerable mistake. Who could know that instead of the game presentation we would have to provide medical treatment free of charge?

So during the first day we examined 45 people, distributed all our stocks of drugs and decided to put the place into quarantine to have at least a little chance to leave the booth and to visit some forums and listen to lectures we were interested in.

On the second day the situation only worsened. Even our neighbors and simultaneously publishers, Buka company, who actually had to know that we were not a medical laboratory but game developers came to get the examination of professor Pestitskiy. Moreover they dragged some strange creatures with ears and tails whom they asked us to investigate. Even if we were doctors what could have we done with such strange animals?

At the very beginning of the third day we decided to come what may and started investigating people to write health certificates and distribute vitamins. The situation became complicated by our actor who started to have a long talk, to react only to the address “Professor” and even in the chats with us tried to put a diagnosis.

We were ready to close the booth and to bring our professor to a real doctor, but the next event actually unsettled everybody. An unknown person in coma was found at the Buka’s booth. And being doctors we had to help him and to try to save his life.

The doctor and a nurse had done their utmost but the patient died. We fixed the time ‘of death and started to decontaminate the territory. The participants and visitors of the conference do not have an instinct of self-preservation at all. They did not want to leave the conference or at least our booth.

We distributed our last drugs and sent our Head to inform the people about the dangerous situation and possible fatal outcome of Febris sebulosae. After his speech people started applauding and put questions. Even though it was strange to us that was a definite success of our laboratory!

Eventually the next patient was found not far from the laboratory. Sanitars brought him to the doctors and this time we succeeded to save his life!

Finally our project was recognized as the most non-standard means of fight against epidemic.

It seems to me that we can overcome Febris sebulosae we need just a chance and we will start doing it let us only get out of that strange spot they placed us after the exhibition.

See you next year at KRI! We have some valuable ideas of presenting our booth next time!


Game features

  • The game “Pathologic” was created to give a new view of the battle between man and evil. The Evil in this game is real. It seems we have succeeded in depicting its true form and insert it into the game mechanics. Such games are dangerous and this is our official preliminary warning.

  • The world of the game is a stone town on the border. Every house, every tiny fragment of the town resembles its prototype. If we throw out the useless pathetic, we’ll have a town that’s not been invented, it’s been rebuilt. Every day we have more and more things that are in their right place.

  • After some work with live actors, there are 27 characters in “Pathologic.” The players will be able to see photos of real people in the game, a part of which is concealed behind the masks of 3D dolls.

  • Every courtyard of the game lives its own inner life. Often random factors and planned events occur independently from where the player is what his state is. It can be different, however.

  • The primary task in the game is survival. The game allows the player to choose his personal strategy for survival – whatever you like. Chaos, marauding, communication, sleep, speculation, fighting or other… The freedom is restricted only by the abilities of the person and his will, as it is in life.

  • Each of the characters lives the 12 days in his own personal way and will unveil the story only from one side. Each will see the same things, but will come to his own conclusions.

  • The essence of the game is a trap. Every one of the possible finals could be either victory or defeat.

  • Facial animation of the in-game characters powered by LifeStudio:HEAD technology by LifeMode Interactive, Corp.
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